Фотограф Михаил Киракосян

Professional photographer Mikhail Kirakosyan

Mikhail Kirakosyan is a professional photographer with 16 years of experience in shooting in different directions: animal photography architecture, portrait, reportage.

Photographer does not become truly successful thanks to the years spent with the camera. You can shoot at least 50 years non-stop, and never take a single worthy photo. Success is based on the ability to capture the beauty of the surrounding world, capture a moment of life and show it as the author sees it.

Mikhail copes with this task perfectly. He creates shots filled with life, emotions and beauty, even if he is shooting architecture.

Welcome to the website of the Moscow-based photographer Mikhail Kirakosyan. Here you can get acquainted with his best works, buy a picture you like and even learn how to shoot in the same way.

Photographer Mikhail Kirakosyan

Mikhail Kirakosyan is a famous Russian photographer, a member of the European Association of Photographers, and has been professionally engaged in photography for over 16 years. Over the years of his artistic service, the author has created hundreds of recognizable photographs that have spread over the Internet and have won great respect from connoisseurs around the world.

Mikhail graduated from the Moscow State Construction University and began his career as an architect. However, the ability to see the living beauty of architecture and the desire not only to admire the aesthetics of monumental structures, but also to show it to other people overpowered.

Michael stopped fighting the photographer inside himself, pick up the camera with all possible responsibility and a share of noble obsession. This made him a professional photographer.

Mikhail Kirakosyan is a photo artist from Russia, known far beyond its borders. If you are not yet familiar with his work, then it's time to know his works.

social projects

A photographer should be judged not by beautiful words, but by his works, which reflect not only professionalism and the ability to hold a camera in hand, but also the ability to show life itself to other people.

Notable projects of Mikhail
Photo by Mikhail Kirakosyan

Monumental geometry

A photo project in the genre of architectural photography, showing the continuity of generations in the architecture and mood of the capital throughout its long and turbulent history. You have hardly seen such a Moscow.

Photo by Mikhail Kirakosyan

Art project “We are like you”

A logical continuation of work with animals, which makes it possible to look at animals with fresh eyes and see ourselves in them. The project helps to understand that there is not so much difference between us as we think or would like to think.

Works from the project "We Are Like You" have been appreciated by representatives of the international gallery Lumas and are now exhibited and sold in major cities around the world: New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Vienna, London, Budapest, Hannover, Dortmund, Berlin, Hamburg , Wiesbaden, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Cologne, Doha, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart.The photographs of Russian photographers do not often receive such close attention of the international community, and this says a lot about Mikhail's skill.

Photo by Mikhail Kirakosyan
Immortal regiment

An important photo reportage of the procession dedicated to the commemoration and memory of the participants in the Great Patriotic War.

Photo by Mikhail Kirakosyan
The Fans of Russia World Cup 2018

A project that made it possible to remember and preserve the image of the festive capital and the faces of football fans who gathered in Moscow for the most important event of the year - the World Cup. In 2019, the works were shown at a personal exhibition at the Cultural Center at the Armenian Embassy in Russia.

Photo by Mikhail Kirakosyan
The Moscow Zoo during the time of isolation

A photo project about the life of the inhabitants of the Moscow Zoo during the quarantine period. This project allows you to take a fresh look at animals resting from a close attention of visitors, as well as at employees who surround their wards with the care and love they need.


Stylish photos
in the interior

Art should not be focused only on the elite or connoisseurs who are able to visit large art galleries in different cities of the world. A piece of the beauty of the reality around us should be available to everyone. Therefore, on the site you can buy photos taken by Mikhail to decorate your home or office with them.

We have collected for you the most interesting works that can transform any space, make the interior more sophisticated, modern, interesting and full of meaning.

You can buy photos for your home right on the website, you don't need to go anywhere and look for something. All the best is already here.


Photography lessons

You can talk for a long time about the goals and vocations of successful photographers, about their ability to make the world brighter and more beautiful, to show events and places that are difficult to see by chance, just walking along the street.

But something about the effect of good photos can be said - they make us better, help us see something new in the world around us, and sometimes encourage us to take up the camera with our own hands.

If you, too, would like to learn how to shoot the world and create professional photographs, improve your own skills and receive honest recommendations from a master of your craft, you will like the author's training course by Mikhail Kirakosyan.

Learn from the best or train yourself, enjoy the beauty of life in all its manifestations, appreciate the moment, catch it with your lens and bring goodness to the world.

Mikhail Kirakosyan