Фотограф Михаил Киракосян


Mikhail Kirakosyan is a Russian photographer who achieved international recognition and garnered critical acclaim for his diversified and unique author's projects that allowed him to show the world through his eyes and find out his attitude towards various events and problems without any further ado and comprehensive descriptions.

This social photo project provides the opportunity to take a fresh look, get in the atmosphere the photographer created, experience unexpected sensations and emotions from things that seem traditional and familiar.

Such projects, in contrast to streaming photos, are created for self-realization but not for money. They allow the author to speak out, convey a message and attract attention.


This is a series of photographs about the Moscow zoo inhabitants and employees' life during the quarantine period in 2020. Animal photo projects are always exciting, but they require excellent skills to capture a short and inclusive moment in a picture, reflecting the environment, mood, and feelings that animals also have. It is perfectly seen in each picture.

Photos taken by Russian photographers usually don't attract as much attention as this project. This is quite natural because people are really interested in how the animals lived through the quarantine, took a rest from visitor’s close attention, receiving eternal love and care from the zoo staff. Pictures from the series are presented at the Museum Moscow Online portal.


The logical continuation of the “Moscow Zoo in isolation” is the animal photo project. In the “We Are Like You” project, the author focused on our like-minded brothers living on the same planet. He also demonstrated their feelings, personality, and character similarity with human. In this project, Mikhail Kirakosyan once again calls to look into the animals' eyes, which are being exterminated and exploited by human but are so much like us and deserve other treatment.

The photo project was noticed by representatives of the international gallery platform LUMAS. Today, the photographer's exhibitions are open in 20 cities around the world.


This photo project is about Moscow in the genre of architectural photography intended to demonstrate the Russian capital in a way no one has ever seen. The pictures reflect the beauty of the city, its historical heritage, the ancient and modern power of the country, the continuity of generations in architecture, which perfectly reflects the spirit of each period.

You can buy Mikhail Kirakosyan’s pictures of Moscow directly on the website. Many unique pictures from the project have been included in the archives of the Museum of Moscow.


A vivid photo project, which reflects the originality, brightness, beauty, and mood of people who visited the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow. The photos of football fans are filled with feelings, emotions, and the festive atmosphere that prevailed in the Russian capital those days.

Mikhail Kirakosyan’s photos from the 2018 FIFA World Cup were exhibited at the Embassy of Armenia in Russia.


It is another highly significant photo project for the author and the country, which shows people at the procession dedicated to the memory of the Great Patriotic War participants.

Photos of the immortal regiment in Moscow show us: those for whom our ancestors fought and died, shed their blood, and sacrificed their lives.